Due to the recent spread of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19)  and various emergency measures, we have decided to temporarily closed for the time being. We apologize for the inconvenience and disruption that this may cause, and deeply appreciate your understanding.
Please note that this measures may change without notice.

English/le français

The Ryokan KIYOMIZUSANSO is a traditional Japanese inn. It will offer you the chance to encounter Kyoto’s classical wooden architecture and Japanese lifestyle and to sample some fine Japanese style cuisine.
This Ryokan is  located Sannen-zaka near The Kiyomizu-dera Temple. You can buy good luck charms, fortune and all manner of souvenirs.  The Kiyomizu-dera has survived throught the centuries. This temple is now one of the most famous land marks of the city. Kyoto is an attractive city when viewed from up high. The Kiyomizu-dera Temple is great spot to this point of view.

le français
Le Ryokan KIYOMIZUSANSO est situé dans levieux quartier de Kyoto tout prés du temple.
Kiyomizu-dera, hautlieu du BouddhismeJaponais. Le visiteur de ce Ryokan aura un accés direct sur la plus vieilleculture Japonaise et aussi un accés sur toutes ces magnifiques boutiques qui jalonnent toutes cesvieilles ruelles.
Ces boutiques offrent aux visiteurs. Desspecialites locales a deguster, glaces au thé vert, gateaux aux haricotsrouges. Vous pourrez admirer tout L’art local, textiles, ceramiques, eventails.Vous pourrez louer des kimonos pour la journée.
Enfin vous ne pourrez pas manquer de profiter de cetteformidable vue sur Kyoto qu’offre le temple Kiyomizu. 

Breakfast Included
weekday, holiday : 6,000 yen / person 
Friday, Saturday, Day before a holiday ,
The year-end and New Year holidays: 6,500 yen / person 

Room for single use
weekday, holiday : 7,500 yen / person 
Friday, Saturday, Day before a holiday,
The year-end and New Year holidays  : 8,000 yen / person

*tax included
*Breakfast: Your room (7: 00-8: 30 your desired time)

Room only
weekday, holiday : 5,500 yen / person 
Friday, Saturday, Day before a holiday,
The year-end and New Year holidays  : 6,000 yen / person

Room for single use
weekday, holiday : 7,000 yen / person 
Friday, Saturday, Day before a holiday, 
The year-end and New Year holidays : 7,500 yen / person

*tax included

New years only OSECHI-RYORI breakfast
Osechi-ryori  1,500yen / 1 person  (tax included) +Roomcharge
Period: December 31,  - January 2, 
Reservation acceptance: until 20th December

It is a  plan with breakfast of Osechi-ryori (New Year dishes).
Osechi-ryori are served in the antique Imari-yaki dish
made in the Meiji Period.
Please enjoy the traditional NewYear in Kyoto.
* Breakfast: Your room (7: 00 ~ 8:30 your desired time)
* It may be different from the dishof the photo
*We will serve rice with no additional charge to those who wish
*tax included

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・Television ・free Wi-fi ・tea facilities ・hair dryer
・air conditioner ・toothbrush/toothpaste ・bath towel 
・hand towel ・Yukata(pajamas) ・shaver

bath and toilet
There is no bath and toilet in the room. There is one shared bath( family bath) in the hotel.
A family bath is a type of private bath which can only be used by guests from the same room or group. Shampoo, rinse, conditioner shampoo and body shampoo are available.

check-in 16:00  check-out 10:00
curfew  22:00(Please contact us if you are late)
breakfast  served from 7:00~8:30
(We will bring you to your room at your desired time)

We will keep your luggage before check-in time.
Please contact us your arrival time.

■To get to the entrance,
enter the narrow passage with a signboard in the middle of 
The inn is on the right side of the two buildings.

■From Kansai International Airport
airport limousine bus: Approximately 88 - 103 minutes to "Kyoto Station"
JR Kansai Airport Limited Haruka: About 75 minutes to "Kyoto Station"

■From Kyoto station it will be a city bus or a taxi
City buss
Kyoto Station
Bus Terminal D2:206 or D1:100
Get off at “Kiyomizumichi" bus stop.
About 5 minute on foot.
(It is usually about 15 minutes by bus from Kyoto Station to kiyomizumichi)

Cancellation fee
on the day: 100%
the day before: 70%
No-Show: 100%

accommodation tax: 200 yen(per person per night)
To persons staying in Kyoto city, The accommodation tax will be introduced on October 1st, 2018. Accommodation tax is not included in the room / accommodation plan, so we ask you to pay in cash. We appreciate your understanding.

3-341-1 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku,
Kyoto 605-0862, Japan
Tel 075-551-3152